Content Snacks

Why Yellowstone’s ads are so good

The TV series Yellowstone is well-shot and exceptionally well-written, but it's the commercials in between that caught our attention.

How to tell irresistible stories

We’ve all been there, halfway through a story only to find our audience’s eyes glazed over. Here's the tool you're missing.

How to ask for a sale (and repeat)

If someone has stuck with you through all of your free content, they are more than likely interested in buying, so you need to ask.

How to drive inbound leads to your site

Here are the practical questions you need to be asking to deliver the value your target audience is looking for.

How to set up your pipeline to close sales

The biggest mistake a lot of marketers make is trying to make a certain number of impressions every day. What does that do for you?

Our ideal podcast guest

Rather than just talking with anyone about anything, we're thinking strategically about how our brand will be benefited in the long run.

Our target market and how we’re fit to reach them

We value in-person connection, so here's the sweet spot of where and how we're best able to serve our customers.

Our process

Every company should have a five to seven step process laying out what and how they do what they do. Here's ours.

Our core focus

What does it mean that HEARD Media builds digital-driven growth for blue-collar businesses? Let's break it down.

Our core values

There are a few attributes we believe are essential to who we are as a company and the types of people we want to make up our team.

New business started as a result of this show!

Creating content on a daily basis is a lot of work, so we love hearing about your wins and the lessons you've learned!

How to be a successful storyteller like Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant accomplished more as a content creator in two and a half years off the court than most of us will in a lifetime. Here's how.