Content Snacks

How to get your best customers to make content for your business

Creating content that represents your brand can be difficult, but there's a low-cost way to get the same results without nearly as much work.

The number one reason your content will fail (& how to avoid it)

Instead of trying to make your content perfect, try this practical tactic to effectively serve your customer base and brand.

Creators have replaced agencies

Creators have replaced the networks that used to market on behalf of brands, so we need to stop advertising like our grandparents did.

The only 3 types of content you should ever make

If you're doing anything else, the odds are it's going to be a bad piece of content that’s not going to serve your customer.

Top 3 marketing podcasts that will change how you think

Don't settle for tactics that might not be relevant tomorrow. Seek conversations where ongoing thinking brainstorms new ideas.

How to steal like a marketer

You should not shut yourself off to any valve of ideas, regardless of how weird or different or similar the source of that idea is.

The perfect at-home recording studio for less than $400

If content production is one of your primary responsibilities, you're going to need to create from wherever you're working. Lucky for you, an at-home studio doesn’t have to break the bank.

How to create a month’s worth of content in one afternoon

Three basic steps to create lots of compelling content in a short period of time.way that is compelling for the audience but does not take months of time to develop.

3 books every marketer should read

The what you should do of marketing changes on a daily basis, so here are books that teach you how to think instead.

4 ways to get great podcast guests

All you have to do is give the littlest bit of effort more than the other requests people are asking.

Do this before you start a content series

Iterative approaches are great, BUT these are the five things you absolutely must do before you start a content series.

How to find endless ideas for content

Creator's block is the easiest thing to fix when it comes to content creation.