Our ideal podcast guest

When we interviewed Rachel Braun on Content Is for Closers, she talked about how she grew her brand and eventually earned a career by contacting 100 people within 100 days about coming on her podcast.

In addition to being a great exercise to try, her success got us thinking about the kind of guests we strive to have on our podcast.

Rather than just talking with anyone about anything, we need to think strategically about how our brand will be benefited in the long run.

It’s not necessarily the guests themselves but conversations we can create assets from, so we need people who can bring great content and insights.

What kind of people does that entail?

#1 — Inspirational

This is someone who mirrors who our target market is and is executing in a way that generates results so it’s inspirational to my target audience.

When done correctly, execution done by this kind of person will leave your target market audience feeling inspired.

For Example

We’ve already had Santosh Shankar on who obviously is inspirational. He’s done over 120 episodes and is seeing tons of results from podcasting for the last several years.

Another one we’ve recorded but hasn’t been published yet is Jeremy Kellett, the host of the Oakley Trucking podcast. He’s another one who has been committed and seen a lot of great results because of it.

#2 — Aspirational

This can be someone inside or outside of the target market who is executing and seeing massive results.

From the perspective of our audience, aspirational means success stories that are a little bit out of their reach but generate new ideas and help show what’s possible through the medium.

For Example

Landon Campbell is not necessarily someone we would work with as a client, but his story and the way he’s executing is aspirational for our prospects and customer base.

Whitney Holtzman is also not necessarily somebody we would work with as a client, but the way she’s gone about building her content and business is aspirational for our customers.

#3 — Subject matter expert

This is someone who can educate or teach our audience something new as it relates to content and growth.

This person may not be a creator themselves, but they have an educational component they can offer that adds value to the show.

For Example

Mickey Cloud and Maribel Lara both work at the Sasha Group and regularly educate small businesses about content creation, so they were both great guests in that fashion. We need more of those.

#4 — Influencer

This could be an industry influencer or someone who’s near the industry whose presence will grow our audience and they will get access to our existing audience in return.

This is someone we would definitely never necessarily work with, but they have something of value to say, something inspirational or aspirational.

They also bring with them a large audience so, for the health of the show and our audience growth, they’re a good person for us to bring on.

Simultaneously, our audience may not know about them, so they get access to our audience.

Know of someone we should bring on Content Is for Closers? Let us know in a review here!