Our process

Here at HEARD, our proven process is the way we describe our services to our prospective customers, how we outline and guarantee our work to those we come in contact with.

For anyone who is working through your own version of this or wants to know how we do business, here is the six-step process we use to explain to your customers how and what we do.

#1 — Discovery Call

We dove into some bad projects because we didn’t do the due diligence of this step, so we now begin every business relationship with a 30-minute discovery call where…

  • We find out more about you
  • You find out about us
  • We explain this process

…to see if we’d be a good fit. We want you to succeed in your business endeavors so whether or not we are the team to help you reach that goal needs to be determined upfront.

#2 — Insights & Project Pitch

Assuming the first step goes well, we do some research and then come to you with…

  • Trends we’re noticing in your industry
  • Areas that are ripe for obvious wins
  • A loose plan to take advantage of the trends and potential wins.

That is the pitch. It’s not going to look like an advertising pitch but a business or services pitch that is in some way executed via digital content.

#3 — Strategy Kickoff

Assuming the second step goes well, we have a strategy kickoff defining the who, what, when, why, and how for your company when it comes to digital.

  • Who we’re talking to
  • What we’re working on, the tactics we’re going to use, what that looks like
  • When we’re going to publish
  • Why we’re saying these things
  • How we’re going to execute

This is going to inform the look and feel of your brand and project as it relates to our work together.

#4 — Concept Presentation

From there, we’ll go away and bring you a concept presentation, where we come up with the core concepts we believe could serve your brand.

Depending on the project, this could look like…

  • Major website redesign: mood boards that help direct the creative direction of the site
  • Content series: themes around what types of content we could produce, what those could look like, what platforms they could be on, etc.

Every concept presentation will include a headline and sample execution with an explanation of how it fits your customer. You often pick from to help us decide how to move forward.

#5 — Set a content calendar

This is simply when assets are going to be due, when we are going to publish things, and who’s going to be working on what to make sure everyone’s aligned and organized to execute your project.

#6 — Execute

This is the ongoing creation and management of the content or the build-out of whatever project we’re helping you with.

Regular measurement and innovation meetings

That is followed by check-ins where we talk about how the progress is going, what can we do better, what’s on the horizon, and more.