Our core focus

We’ve shifted a few of these content snack episodes from their typical focus to a means of sharing the planning and reviewing we’re doing internally here at HEARD Media. This post is looking at our core focus and the two parts that breaks into.

If you missed the Content Snack on our core values, that would be helpful in understanding what we’re talking about here, but today we’re going to talk about the core focus of our business, which breaks down into two parts.

Our Passion

This first part answers why we exist as a company and what we hope to accomplish from a high level. It’s not necessarily describing our product mix or revenue goals but more what are we adding to the world? How are giving back to the world? What value are we providing?

We want to build great lives with our employees, our customers, and our communities.

Our company exists because we want to operate in a different way. We earned the freedom to serve clients we like to support and support our families in a sustainable way while being there for them in the important parts of life.

That’s something we believe in as a company and our goal is to extend both of those truths and that same mentality to our team. We hope that together we’ll be able to build great lives for our families as well as our customers’ families and then, by extension, all of our communities.

The revenue we generate by working with our customers and teammates funds the schools, food, shelter, vacations, donations, and other contributions we invest in our communities wherever we happen to be.

The same goes for the time we give back through our operating model. If we’re able to efficiently provide the services we offer, our employees will have extra time to invest back in their communities, families, or other projects.

We’re not asking them to commute anywhere every day. We’re not asking them to be attending tons of tons of meetings that could seem unnecessary.

We have structured our business so that the foundation allows us to build great lives with our employees, teammates, customers, and communities.

Business Focus

This is a specific turn into what value we can bring to the marketplace. We’re not trying to be overly specific about the prices of products or services but clearly communicating our unique selling proposition to the marketplace:

We build digital-driven growth for blue-collar businesses.

We plan to do this through our mix of service offerings that include strategy planning, content creation, measurement, and outsourced marketing services.

Without getting too deep into the weeds, we’re just working with “blue-collar businesses” or companies that are often overlooked but are in fact the backbone of our country’s economy.

  • Transportation companies
  • Supply chain companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Chemical companies
  • Distribution companies

We, first of all, know those spaces because we’ve been relationally engaged with the people who work in those spaces. Secondly, we know how digital content can serve these industries because of our experience in the digital marketing space.

Two points to break our business focus down:

#1 — We BUILD digital-driven growth

We wrestled over these words for quite a bit so it’s important to note that we didn’t say…

  • We don’t manage digital-driven growth. We’re not just executing another person’s plan. We have done that for a project, but that’s not our company’s core focus.
  • We don’t simply run digital-driven growth. For the most part that’s true, but there are times when we have strictly consulting engagements, so we’re not running the digital growth in that case.

We are in charge of building and potentially overseeing digital growth. We’re not in the weeds every single day for every single project we run. We can be, but not always.

#2 — We build DIGITALLY-DRIVEN growth

The companies we work with are great at what they do, but they don’t always know or haven’t completely utilized the internet to its fullest extent. Sometimes not even at all.

We’re able to come in and show them the digitally-driven opportunities for operations and growth on the internal and external sides of their business.