New business started as a result of this show!

One of our listeners sent us a text letting us know about a service they created as a result of listening to the podcast this Content Snacks series comes from. Let’s get into it.

Full disclosure: this text came from someone who is easily our number one listener. This person listens to all of the episodes and is constantly sending us questions and engaging with our content— but not just that.

This person actually took action. They set up a landing page, plugged in their Venmo, and did the work to make a sale (which they sent a screenshot of the Venmo receipt along with the text).

Anyone who has ever sold something from your own business before knows how satisfying and almost magical making that first sale feels. You did something other than work for your employer and money showed up in your account as a result.

Why the satisfaction

Creating these daily episodes is an effort we enjoy (or we wouldn’t do it), but it’s definitely a grind, especially when the content relies on our personal experience and knowledge rather than coming from an external resource.

We don’t talk about the news every day (although maybe we should). We don’t talk about what other people have said or give our perspective on them. Those types of shows can be easier to produce daily content for, but here we come up with the ideas.

We come up with a concept and we flesh it out every single day, so that can be a grind, but we believe in the medium and know individuals can benefit from our work if they apply what we talk about here on a day-to-day basis.

To see this type of validation where someone is taking action as a result of this show is incredibly satisfying on a personal level. We don’t expect that. We don’t ask any of you to read, listen, or watch, but you do it anyway.

A favor: If you are benefiting from this show, forward an episode or blog post to someone else you think could benefit. It could be someone who wants to start a business or someone who works in marketing. Whatever it is, we’d be so appreciative if you share this with them.

We want to hear more!

If you have learned anything over the course of these content snacks or our interviews, please let us know. We’re not looking for pats on the back, we’d just like to know what’s resonating versus what is not as helpful.

We do this every day to help you and hope that you benefit as a result, so we’d love to hear about your wins and the lessons you’ve learned along the way. Let us know how you’ve been Heard at