Episode 13

Adam, Derek & Carlton

Thanksgiving Special: Advisory Board Fantasy Draft

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Adam Vazquez 0:06
Hey, before we get started, I just wanted to come on here real quick and explain. So this episode’s gonna be a little bit different. Instead of doing a typical guest interview like we do, we brought on Carlton as always, and Derek, my business partner, Derek Rogers. And we did a draft. And so I explained the rules of the draft during the episode. But essentially, we are trying to draft members for a hypothetical advisory board that we would want to use in order to acquire a sports team or a business of some kind. And so the rules around it were pretty simple. You had to draft someone who was either a podcast host or a media personality in the podcast world for the first four board seats. And then the last three had to be filled by characters from your favorite holiday movie. So it’s a completely different episode, but I think it’ll be fun. We wanted to do something different for Thanksgiving. Just wanted to give you that heads up. All right. Let’s get into it. Put that content down. Content closes on. What’s your name? Content? That’s my name. You know why, mister? Because you drove a Hyundai to get here tonight. I drove an $80,000 BMW that’s my name. Content is for closers. Thanksgiving episode, I kind of teased it there but Carlton. Welcome back. How you feeling today?

Carlton Riffel 1:26
I’m feeling okay. I’m a little nervous. Honestly.

Adam Vazquez 1:28
Yeah. For good reason. Vicki

Carlton Riffel 1:30
Robin, these type of things.

Adam Vazquez 1:31
Yeah, I didn’t explain yet to the audience what’s going on. But we are having a we’re playing a game a different game than normal. And so we need to bring in the big guns. Derek, Derek’s here as well. What’s going on?

Derek Rogers 1:43
Out here, man. It’s good to be here.

Adam Vazquez 1:45
This is exciting. We’ve never had the trio on a show before. So the reason Derek’s here and Carlton is always is we are doing a draft. Okay, so some of you probably heard these on on podcasts that you like, we’re going to be drafting. And we, to be honest, this started is like, oh, let’s do a Thanksgiving episode. This was my idea was bad idea. I was like, let’s all say what we’re thankful for classic, just dad mood. And

Carlton Riffel 2:09
just the problem was I had nothing to be thankful for. Yeah, I was like, we can’t do that. Call this through that. Thanks.

Adam Vazquez 2:15
So we didn’t do that. And then we kind of evolved. And somehow it turned into this. So so what we’re going to do is we’re going to draft an advisory board for a hypothetical company that we are starting specifically a professional sports organization. Is that right, guys? That’s right. Yeah. And so we’re going to be drafting an advisory board. And the stipulation is the first four board seats have to be filled by podcast hosts, essentially, or media personalities, like people who have podcasts for lack of better word. And the last three board seats need to be filled by characters in our favorite holiday movies. We’re using holiday because not because we hate Christmas, but because there’s some debate as to what a holiday movie actually is. So we’ll get into all of that. I’ll explain the rules in the details to start us off, and then we can get into it. So it’s a snake draft meaning Derrick is going to be our first pick due to his sort of seniority and age. And then we’ve got Carlton Holman, Adam

Carlton Riffel 3:18
and his just his pure strength and history. If we didn’t let him go first. He just

Adam Vazquez 3:22
be this. And then we’ll cycle back through starting with me go back to Carleton back to there. So snake draft. As I said, we’re drafting an advisory board the twist being it’s a professional sports team that has no real significance. We just like sports. With the exception of Carlton, the first four picks

Carlton Riffel 3:37
off yourself the snake a snake what’s the

Adam Vazquez 3:42
snake draft have to be media personalities? Like I said the last three have to be holiday movies. And when you make a pic, give the name explain their show, or the movie and while you’re drafting them. I think that’s all of it. Is that is that good? Are we everybody feel comfortable? Yeah. Oh, yes. Go all right. This was this was I was nervous. Last night I was texting Derek trying to get some insight into what where he was going with the number one pick. I wasn’t as worried Carlton I feel like he listened to a whole other world of podcasts and what I do so I wasn’t as competitive with you, but

Carlton Riffel 4:17
just let’s let’s set the record straight. I’m I’m a little bit of an underdog here. Because Adam and Derek are just way more competitive than anything related to sports or

Derek Rogers 4:31
how are we going to decide who wins by the way? I think we should let from the people is that what we’re gonna do? Yeah,

Adam Vazquez 4:38
we can do that. Just let the people vote. Let the audience vote maybe we’ll since it’ll come out. This is going to be the day before Thanksgiving so maybe we can either I can put up a poll on Twitter or we can we’ll figure something out. We’ll make it clear how people how people should vote for the winner. But yeah, I would say that the sports thing does put you a little bit at a disadvantage Carlson but maybe not like some With Michael Rubin, who? Oh, that was one other thing. I should have said as a rule. You can’t name non media, just business Titans. So like, Steve Jobs is off. Well, they have to be alive as well. So Steve Jobs is out. Elon is out.

Carlton Riffel 5:15
You have to be alive. When did it come into the Congress?

Adam Vazquez 5:17
I think they have to be alive to be for business people. Yeah. Not the holiday. Yeah, not

Derek Rogers 5:22
that. Okay. And,

Adam Vazquez 5:25
and then you need to think about like, oh, so Michael Rubin would be another example. Who is not you couldn’t drag me out, right? But, but Michael Rubin Carlton is like you really wasn’t into sports. And now he owns the Sixers and also fanatics so who knows? Who knows who could put this data? It’s about who can make the board that works together chemistry, we’ll see what happens. All right. I don’t think we have anything else to every Thanksgiving. If we don’t say that at some point today. I think that’s about it. Let’s let me give us a quick Derrick get get your pic queued up here for the first 30 Sound Effects Alright, first taking huge

Derek Rogers 6:01
shock coming from me. Number one overall pick Michael Saylor Serial podcast guests predictor of the mobile wave implementer of the Bitcoin standard, all around genius level stuff with this guy. Number one overall pick. He had helped you build an incredible organization and convert the balance sheet to the Bitcoin standard. It would be a good way to start.

Adam Vazquez 6:24
Michael sailor Michael sailor coming in.

Carlton Riffel 6:26
We are very surprised. Serial podcast

Derek Rogers 6:29
guests. He didn’t have his own podcast, but I think right. I mean, I think he’s in the clear.

Adam Vazquez 6:33
Okay, so for the uninitiated, who is he in in 15 seconds? Like, he’s a podcast guest.

Derek Rogers 6:39
He’s the CEO of MicroStrategy, big Bitcoin guy, about a year ago converted his balance sheet to the Bitcoin standard, made billions of dollars in the process. He just understands the future, as I mentioned, the predictor of the predictor of the mobile wave, which was well before the whole Bitcoin process started, but he just understands technology. And I think that’s, it’s going to be super important in the future of sports franchise.

Adam Vazquez 7:03
And where would you Where would people listen to him if they wanted to?

Derek Rogers 7:08
Basically, any Bitcoin related podcasts? He’s been a guest on just about all of them. So he was on pomp Yeah. hook.com. Yeah, you could see all his content at Hope calm.

Cool. So that’s pretty exciting. Right?

Carlton Riffel 7:22
Gonna kick it out you we weren’t gonna choose that. But then we figured, you know, he’s been on enough podcasts that you could put them all together and he’d have his own podcast.

Adam Vazquez 7:30
That was basically like, as much of a secret as like when LeBron got drafted first. Overall, it didn’t matter. We kept changing the category like Oh, should it be our business? Should it be a sports but and like, we all knew Derek was still taken? Yeah, I love so here’s my solid solid number one overall pick. Alright, Carlton.

Carlton Riffel 7:48
Okay, so this is hard. I went back and forth on a few different people. But I think because of just his general knowledge and understanding of the world, I’m going to go with navall Raava Khan. So he’s a co founder, CEO of AngelList, for a while, being investor, good early picks, Uber, Twitter, things like that, as an investor. And he’s just a smart dude. He just is interested in understanding the world right now. I think he he’s still doing his Devall podcast, but it’s a little bit slower than usual. He’s just like, philosophizing about like space time continuum and stuff. So he’s good. I think if he was if he was on the board he he have a good good insights. Yep.

Derek Rogers 8:30
i Yes. A great pig. I had him on my list as well.

Carlton Riffel 8:34
The property was the more I thought if I took I took him early. I might not

Adam Vazquez 8:38
have to like translate his his proverbs into something like how do we sell tickets them all? And he’d be like, yeah, life is void of hope. And you’re like what?

Derek Rogers 8:51
I think we’re an evolved comes in over the next couple of decades in sports is web three NF T’s eSports all that kind of stuff and evolves like he gets that man. Yeah, he does. Like that’s a great pic.

Adam Vazquez 9:02
As a good pic. Alright, so those are those are I’ve

Derek Rogers 9:06
got to reorganize my board now. It’s getting tough boys. The

Carlton Riffel 9:11
whole team behind Derek are in front of Derek is just going going to work now trying to buy one God didn’t evolve. He is he is he’s believer.

Adam Vazquez 9:20
We should say Derek also has a competitive advantage and that he deals with like boards and his government. I mean, you Carlton are sort of shooting from the hip here.

Carlton Riffel 9:28
We’re just common Pleadians Yeah, and we’re just buried.

Adam Vazquez 9:31
He’s used to ruin rally votes and stuff. Like he’s, he’s got that stuff, boys. Alright, for my number one pick. Those are both good ones. I am going to go with David Sacks of the all in podcast one of one of the coasts on it. I did this for a number of reasons. First of all, let’s just be honest, deep pockets. I want to outbid everyone for great players want to be able to hire the deepest, the best coaches and Sachs has a lot of money here. is also super well connected. He’s part of the PayPal Mafia. So if we need anything done legal or illegal in order to get a competitive advantage like he’s got a guy and and I generally agree with his economic outlook he’s also bullish when it comes to the different different crypto assets and things like this. I think he has a little bit he’s not like sailor where he’s just BTC bull. He has a little bit more interest in some of the web three stuff as well. And although I don’t understand or really believe any of that I feel like it is relevant is typically to Desportes so you can make a little some culture stuff there So yep, sacks is sacks is my number one pick and Oh, any react free pick? Thank you.

Derek Rogers 10:41
Yes, he was on my list to say Oh, really? What a guy. Yeah, absolutely.

Carlton Riffel 10:45
Does that mean that board is I can wreck right.

Derek Rogers 10:50
Is that I got snuck into my office and looked at my sheet.

Carlton Riffel 10:55
Carlton? Is that does that mean that all is off the table? Or can we still cherry pick from the other guests on the topic? You can cherry pick?

Adam Vazquez 11:03
Yeah, it’s the people. Okay, okay. We’re

Carlton Riffel 11:06
going people nachos.

Derek Rogers 11:08
Are you really gonna pick one of those other guys?

Adam Vazquez 11:10
One of the lesser hosts.

Carlton Riffel 11:11
Let’s see. That’s crazy. Guy go before you

Adam Vazquez 11:16
all right, this next one. Man, this is really hard.

Derek Rogers 11:21
Back to Back pig now.

Adam Vazquez 11:22
I know. You guys are jerks. All right. I’m gonna get I’m gonna get hate for this one, but I’m gonna go with it. Anyways, I’m gonna go JJ Reddick host of The Old Man and the three. I like this pig. Okay, so nose ball. I’m assuming this is a basketball organization that we’re that we’re buying just don’t matter. Yeah, he knows. He knows sports, right? media savvy started started a media company before he even retired and as already seen, like, he’s got shows with Duncan Robinson. He’s got she’s got tons of athletes so you can talk to the athlete and I think it would help with player recruitment. If we were in the mix and somebody else is in the mix. I haven’t haven’t JJ talked to them as a player player to player and then knowing in the back Big Daddy sacks has got the the bag of money to hand to them.

Derek Rogers 12:15
Yeah, I can see that. I’m there. I like JJ. Good pic man. That’s a that’s a stout teams developing those right.

Adam Vazquez 12:22
Alright, Carlton, back to you.

Carlton Riffel 12:26
Here we go. So I was thinking what I’ve got kind of like two lists one list that’s like my primary picks and then list of like, if they don’t pick this person, I’m gonna pick them. So that knocks them off again. I’m gonna go with Sam Parr from my first million. So he’s a strong copywriter. I think if you got an A VA who’s like super philosophical, you’ve got Sam to kind of balance them out by just going he just wants to see the facts and he just wants to try stuff and he’s a fitness influencer now. So I think the fact that that he’s kind of brings that younger perspective, a little bit more a little bit more bullish on his opinion, too. So I don’t think that’s gonna be my UI silly. Have

Adam Vazquez 13:07
like the best hot dog vending at your stadium because of Sam. He could bring bring that component into it.

Carlton Riffel 13:14
Yeah, he’s scrappy. I feel like Sam Sam brings the scrap. Yeah,

Adam Vazquez 13:17
yeah. I like that pick. Also, we should say host of did you say that? My first million pocket

Carlton Riffel 13:23
Yeah, hosted my first million so he has two hosts on there. And he’s I went back and forth between which one to pick because they’re both good. But I feel like he’s just got a little bit more of an edge when it comes to being scrappy.

Adam Vazquez 13:37
Shout out. ricochet shot there at Shawn Puri, who Carlton did not choose is on my board at some point. So we’ll see what ends up happening.

Derek Rogers 13:49
Big fitness guy to Sam. Fitness info. Yeah, he is. I mean,

Carlton Riffel 13:53
I’ve been I wasn’t gonna choose him. And then this morning, I was on Instagram and he had a clip of him doing a backflip and I’m like, Okay, this guy can do an animal

Adam Vazquez 14:01
questionable criteria for your board. But

Derek Rogers 14:05
he is an animal just trying to throw curl up and

Adam Vazquez 14:09
I would say also, we should we should mention, Sam, we’ve actually we have an open standing challenge to Sam and Shawn for them to bring their their Mormon buddy and compete against the three of us in a three on three matchups. Yeah, so far Sam has liked the tweet and engaged with it but as has been a coward otherwise in terms of actually acting on it. So we’ll see. Maybe this’ll maybe this

Carlton Riffel 14:34
was yeah, maybe because he’s on my board now though.

Adam Vazquez 14:37
Yes. Yeah, that’s true. All right. Good. Good pics. Big D.

Derek Rogers 14:42
Okay, I’ve got the next two. Yes, this is a big deal for you. You okay? You got a big troubles. Y’all made very, very big mistake. Alright, so this one I might get dinged on this. My second pet My second pick is another serial guest. If you have a problem with it, feel free to file an appeal with Tony currenty He does not have his own show but once you hear him you’ll find yourself looking for his next episode Balaji Sreenivasan okay

Carlton Riffel 15:06
I took them off my list if it didn’t meet the criteria

Derek Rogers 15:10
well that’s your fault. He did he didn’t hear you sounds like a prison

Adam Vazquez 15:15
for coffins criteria was Can they do a backflip and Balaji?

Carlton Riffel 15:19
Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Derek Rogers 15:20
he’s been a guest on many shows Tim Ferriss recent most recently, Antonio Garcia Martinez pull requests shout out to David Sachs calling to good clap. Oh, he’s

Adam Vazquez 15:31
on the column. Yeah,

Derek Rogers 15:32
yeah, he’s on calling. So yeah, I think somewhat like sailor Balaji is basically a profit when it comes to the future of technology. We already are already on the Bitcoin standard was sailor but I think we have three NF T’s eSports analytics that type of thing similar to what kind of Carlton selected when the ball huge first sports franchise over the next decade. So the he’ll help keep us in the forefront.

Adam Vazquez 15:56
This is interesting, because you’re essentially picking to profits from the tech bro. The tech bro Illuminati here. I’m interested to see where the next pic goes. Because there’s a lot of theory happening. But I don’t know who’s gonna I mean, you will. I don’t know who’s gonna enact these theories for on behalf of the board in terms of in terms of the team?

Derek Rogers 16:15
Yeah. Well, I think at the end of the day, obviously, I think it’s, it’s a given that we’re involved too, right. Yeah. You’re

Adam Vazquez 16:22
one of the

Derek Rogers 16:23
That’s right. Yeah. So

Carlton Riffel 16:25
Oh, in that case.

Derek Rogers 16:27
Yeah. So that’s all taken care of.

Adam Vazquez 16:32
That’s not okay. My

Derek Rogers 16:34
next pick, we had to get away from philosophy a little bit, and this is probably going to be a shock. Actually, it probably won’t be a shock. My next pick David Portnoy, oh, goo. Okay. sports media mogul, philanthropist freedom beasting survivor, guys, a rabid fan base impeccable taste and pizza. He raised over $41 million during the pandemic and put it into small business. Guys, just just an all around good guy. One of the good guys and

Carlton Riffel 17:06
all the upstanding character, and never been

Derek Rogers 17:09
100% upstanding character, and sports media. I mean, that’s a kind of a big deal. You put you put Dave Portnoy in his mind together with Balaji and sailor. Your trust?

Adam Vazquez 17:24
Yeah, this is I had him on and off at different times, if Dave own was a part of an ownership group or advisory board for a sports team. I mean, I don’t know that that immediately becomes a national, like they have a fan base across across the country. I think exactly. I think that would be a huge, huge benefit to having him. I wonder though, how he would interact with I mean, I think they’d agree on a lot. But you know, Dave is he’s gonna He’s gonna push Balaji and, and sailor is he’s gonna call sailor like a bad name at some point. And then and then you make content about it.

Carlton Riffel 18:03
Yeah, you got two egos right there.

Derek Rogers 18:05
Well, I can I can I can handle this. Derek’s the piece and keep the team together.

Adam Vazquez 18:11
That’s good. All right. I like that. That is that begins to get tough. I was skeptical the philosophy start, but that that that brings it a little bit. All right. Those are your first three. Carlton, back to you.

Carlton Riffel 18:23
Huh? You got some decisions to make? Because that was where I was gonna go. Just to throw your 4 million. Yeah, I was gonna go Portnoy.

Derek Rogers 18:30
Oh, man, even though I would have been a massive pick for you.

Carlton Riffel 18:34
Yeah, that’s what I was going back and forth between what’s his name and born Crosstown you have so far, sorry. So I’ve got Nevada my first pick. And then Sam. Okay. All right. And now for my third pick. I’m gonna go a little bit on the edges right here. And I’m gonna leave my my strategy is screen you guys up. And I’m gonna go with Stephen Dubner from the Freakonomics podcast. Oh, so Okay. He’s actually like super into data. He does a great job. He’s had several sports owners on on the podcast. He’s just a curious mind and very into data and studying what actually works. So he’s published a book Freakonomics and it was pretty successful. And then he’s got Freakonomics podcast, but he’s able to just figure out what is the economic engine behind pretty much anything so cool. He’s my, he’s my next book.

Derek Rogers 19:28
Yeah, like that.

Adam Vazquez 19:29
What was his what was this nerd that you just picked name?

Carlton Riffel 19:34
Sorry, Steven. But we give Adam he doesn’t understand. Stephen Dubner. Okay. Steve from Freakonomics Cool, huh. His co hosts which is also a Steven is really good too. But I figured I was pretty safe. You guys aren’t gonna pick them?

Adam Vazquez 19:49
Yeah, you could pick that whole cast. Probably.

Derek Rogers 19:51
Yeah, you’re good.

Adam Vazquez 19:54
And I’d be good. No, it’s good pig also bringing in the economy economic stuff. You guys can do some Math to you so far. So you have navall, Sam, and DUBNER I’m worried about in game experience when it comes to Carlton’s team. Sounds like kind of a boring end game experience, but

Carlton Riffel 20:14
it’s gotta wait for it. You got to wait for this Christmas character. Okay.

Adam Vazquez 20:17
All right. That’s true. That’s true. We have all the carriages coming. Alright, I’ve got Sachs and JJ going with my third and fourth picks, right?

Derek Rogers 20:26
Sucks. That’s right. This is the round up the business side. Right, right.

Adam Vazquez 20:30
Right, right. Right. Okay. I mean, this is tough. I’m gonna go alright. The honest truth is if we were actually doing this, if, if I had, this is where I got deep into it last night. But if I had personal relationships with people, I would use those first because they know me, I know them. Like that’s just that’s just how the world

Derek Rogers 20:56
works. And I actually think this is a great pick though.

Carlton Riffel 20:59
This was this was actually my, my, what I was struggling with last round. Yeah,

Adam Vazquez 21:03
that would have that would have changed my board as well. But I am going to go with Gary Vee with the third my third pick here. I think he rounds out kind of in between of sacks. And JJ. He’s got the media, the date attention that Dave has, with maybe a little bit less of the controversy around it.

Derek Rogers 21:21
Big sports guy. Yeah,

Adam Vazquez 21:22
I mean, huge. Yeah. Like,

Derek Rogers 21:24
I think he would have been it was if you guys had taken Portnoy off the list. I was gonna, you’re gonna play a similar role on Yeah, I think I was going I was going there. either him or later. I was one of the two. Yeah.

Adam Vazquez 21:36
And then I would say the other thing he has is, again, with the NFT stuff that I don’t want to deal with and he calm in general, he’s gonna bring a lot of that. A lot of that in playing cards, all that stuff. Alright, so that then changes that just I wasn’t sure if I was going to do that. That changes so hard. Does anybody want to you know, talk about anything else real quick while I’m looking at this?

Derek Rogers 22:02
Yeah, I think Gary Vee I think that’s a huge big we got

Carlton Riffel 22:06
the fashion Oh, man. He did yeah, drinks, the merchandising, merchandising, the guy gets

Adam Vazquez 22:11
true merchandise. Like we would instantly have both our current apparel and somehow vintage apparel with him. And from day one, I think he would be you’d be good. Alright, I’m pulling from this is going to be some are gonna accuse us of being Carlton pic meaning lame, but I think it actually is now because of the construction of my board. Okay, you got to keep that in mind here. So I’m going to go with see this already is impacting my holiday pic. So I’m just I’m just trying to, I’m gonna go with Cody Sanchez, who is a host of the contrarian thinking actually, her podcast is called I think the struggle is not real or something like that. But contrarian thinking is her platform. And the reason I’m going to go with her specifically, is she two things. Real estate is her bag. She owns she owns or she runs a real estate fund. So I think that would help with building a stadium interacting with the city, etc. And then the second part is, although I should be able to play this role, I can’t. She’s trilingual, and Spanish is her second language. And I think that’s just super helpful. I think we’d be able to bring it we would become the sports team, that the Latinos across the country would magnetize towards because because we put her out front so yeah, that’s my Yeah, like, fourth pick. Lesser known, but I think I think she’d come in handy.

Carlton Riffel 23:37
So here’s a question. What if we do someone who’s a character, holiday and holiday movie and a podcast? Person’s bonus? Is it good as bonus points? Interesting?

Derek Rogers 23:49

Carlton Riffel 23:51
Absolutely not. Okay, good. So Okay, this next deal denied. I feel like Balaji is okay. Man.

Derek Rogers 24:04
You can do it. Yeah.

Adam Vazquez 24:06
I would say you know, I’ll do an x ray. You have to pick the character or like, you have to explain if it’s the character or the host.

Carlton Riffel 24:12
Yeah, I’ll do that. Next. The next round. I think what we’re going to do, I’m going to go a little bit. I’m going to go big with this one. Pun intended. Go a shack. Oh, so he’s actually a podcaster. He he does the big podcast. He’s a big, big businessman.

Adam Vazquez 24:29
We know he has a podcast.

Carlton Riffel 24:31
What did the show? It’s called the Big podcast. Oh, surprisingly. Okay. Yeah. So big girl, big sports guy.

Derek Rogers 24:39
are smart too. I mean, savvy guys an animal.

Carlton Riffel 24:43
I love diversity

Adam Vazquez 24:45
that that is a really good pick. I’m surprised at how good that pick is after you pick Steven Duckworth or whatever that guy’s name.

Carlton Riffel 24:52
Hey, Stephen Dubner and Angela Duckworth are friends. She’s She is actually one of Considering but I figured that was a little little out there

Adam Vazquez 25:02
now that’s good. I like that check wheel

Derek Rogers 25:07
Yeah, it’s a great pig. So is that round it out for

Carlton Riffel 25:11
me and for my for my business peeps.

Adam Vazquez 25:14
Oh I’m sorry I missed one Derek yours was sailor Balaji Dave

Derek Rogers 25:17
No I’m this is my pick. This will run first and last. So I go just say like I go last pick of business and first pick of Christmas Right? Correct. Back to back. Alright, so my fourth pick for business I’m going to go I’m gonna go foodservice I’m going Bobby Flay always hungry podcast on I Heart Radio. Guy kicks out successful restaurants like a monster. You need some other understands food service. And somebody who’s immediate. A media mogul himself. Yeah. Bobby Flay.

Adam Vazquez 25:49
That’s a great pic. I’d never would have thought of that. Food Service. Food Service big. Also Bobby’s special in the future. Probably was he like the most successful chef ever? I mean, I’d

Derek Rogers 26:01
say so. I mean, I probably thought about going with the mayor, Mayor of flavortown Gaffey area, but he doesn’t technically have a far gas and then I’d be really on the edge here,

Adam Vazquez 26:10
right there. People have I love graph theory. I

Derek Rogers 26:13
think the energy that guy would bring, but he doesn’t. I mean, he’s been on a lot of podcasts, but I could not find one. So I’ll be though. Bobby’s, he’s an animal, the guy. The guy gets it with food service. And I think especially the future of sports, the experience, that kind of entertainment experience is so big. Yeah. So Bobby Flay

Adam Vazquez 26:35
good one. And then your holiday pick. First holiday. Okay.

Derek Rogers 26:39
Holiday pig. Ooh. This is tough, man. Yeah, these are a little nervous, because I don’t want anybody to take take my pics. So I’m trying to decide which

Adam Vazquez 26:52
my board is so thin. Like if I’m if I

Derek Rogers 26:55
hold it boards pretty thin. Yeah, it’s tough. There were literally

Carlton Riffel 26:59
are we doing characters or the character the whole package of the addenda know the character the character plus character? Yeah.

Derek Rogers 27:07
Character. All right. Okay, I’m doing it. I’m going Scott Calvin. Number one overall pick and Christmas. Obviously Santa Claus. Ad executive marketing merchandising also becomes the big guys so that doesn’t hurt you on bit. Scott Calvin Boyce, he’s off the board a

Adam Vazquez 27:23
great pick. It had to be the number one pick and holiday. Yeah.

Derek Rogers 27:27
I had a couple of others that I think they might find are the radar. So maybe not. We’ll see.

Adam Vazquez 27:33
I didn’t know he was an ad executive. Good note by you on that.

Derek Rogers 27:37
Yeah. Ad executive before he becomes Santa Claus. So he he understands that sort of advertising marketing. Alright. And then of course merchandising.

Adam Vazquez 27:47
Right. That’s huge. Carlton over to you first holiday pick.

Carlton Riffel 27:52
Oh, man. I just I think just because of the overall fun and joy and merriment he brings I’m just gonna go with Buddy the Elf. Wow. I think I think he will bring a lot a lot to our board. So

Adam Vazquez 28:08
I will say that that gives you points for end game experience right there.

Carlton Riffel 28:12
Yeah, that was what I was going for. Yeah, he’s just he’s gonna He’s gonna pump everyone up, buddy.

Adam Vazquez 28:18
Buddy known for pumping people up also like Christmas cheer arrow. That’s a good pick. Okay, good. I took this probably too seriously what Adam you taking some of the DC I still want with like their abilities here. So number one pick for me. I’m going I actually don’t remember his character name. But I’m going Vince Vaughn’s character and Four Christmases.

Derek Rogers 28:41
Dude, I have him on my list.

Adam Vazquez 28:44
Lawyer stuff. We need to be coming legally from all different angles guy clearly is a hustler. I mean, that penthouse doesn’t pay for itself. So he makes money. Funny. I gotta like the board. That’s a big thing for me. I gotta I gotta like who I’m working with. So far. I think we cover that. So yeah, Vince Vaughn for Christmas is is is my next pick. And then I guess I have to do too. I’m gonna go spoiler here, everyone. Everyone has the obvious characters from this movie, but I’m actually going Mrs. McAllister not Mr. McAllister or Kevin. Well, Mrs. McAlister, a lot of intangibles to add to our board including motivation like she gets something in her head she’s gonna move heaven and earth to go find her son who she loses time. Also low key very rich and successful on her own all the ever all the team is like, what, what Kevin’s dad do to buy this house? She was a fashion designer and all of in the movie, you remember that? Like all her props are moving around the dam. How do we know she wasn’t the breadwinner at sexism at its finest right there. That’s true. Yeah. Good point. So yeah, she they’ll be in charge of uniform design all that sort of thing for us. So yeah, this is McAlister

Carlton Riffel 30:05
didn’t get no do you have to? I did Vince Vaughn. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’m sorry. Yeah. I just That’s me trying to lay going. I’m gonna sue your cheeks. Yeah, so um, I’m having a hard time with this one, but I think I’m think I’m just gonna do it. There’s there’s a lot on the line here, but I’m going way back. I’m going way back to Scrooge. Scrooge is gonna be on my board. I feel like he could just bring just that perspective of past present future. And just

Derek Rogers 30:37
being you he’s got he’s got him on my board. Did you really? You just went deep super under it a businessman post conversion. Yeah. Yeah. Big team guy.

Carlton Riffel 30:47
And now he’s got to do it. Yes. Oh.

Derek Rogers 30:51
Yeah. You probably get Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim big four. Yeah.

Carlton Riffel 30:58
We could just make him.

Derek Rogers 31:00
Oh, man. I can’t believe you took that off my board. Wow,

Adam Vazquez 31:03
that’s a big cut.

Derek Rogers 31:05
That was super deep. I can’t believe you both thankfully. I have to. Thankfully I have two left on my board. I only have two left on my board, but it closes my whole team out.

Adam Vazquez 31:15
That’s good. So alright, well give.

Carlton Riffel 31:17
You’re probably going to take my other one.

Derek Rogers 31:19
Probably. Alright, so these are my last two right? Yep. Okay, I’m going John McClane diehard NYPD police detective big time security guy through super family man as well. unkillable. Yeah, yeah. You need security. I mean, you need security. So these are these are the type of people that you want involve. So obviously the The movie takes place in LA he’s from New York. So he’s got kind of got those two

Adam Vazquez 31:50
eicosanoid down he can help also ensure like I get elation for the whole stadium.

Derek Rogers 31:56
So true. Yeah. I like that. Yeah, so and then my last pick I’m going Clark Griswold awesome vacation could be a huge asset and concession feud sir concessions slash food service. He works in the food preservation industry and all that kind of stuff. So Clark, Griswold I think would be a big, kind of a big asset. Fun fact, one of the storylines of Christmas vacation is that Clark is planning on building a pool with his Christmas bonus. We don’t know how much the Christmas bonus was, but we know that it was presumably enough to build a pool. Right? Adjusted for inflation, the pool would have been in the 11,000 range back in 1989. Okay, right. And here’s the thing at it generally 2% Something like that. That bonus of 11,161 $166.85 cent is what is the estimation? He had been making about 580k Boys Whoa, when he gets

Adam Vazquez 32:54
that from Colorado,

Derek Rogers 32:57
I mean, kind of math right here. I’m not sure he might not be a great money manager if he was that tight right making 580k But and just little inflation in fact, that would adjust that would adjust to about 1.1 million today. So

Adam Vazquez 33:14
but thank you, big cash. With sailor you don’t really have to worry about it. Like there’s I’m not worried about that. Yeah, you don’t have to Yeah, inflation. I like that.

Derek Rogers 33:21
But morale. The guy gets it on food preservation, which is kind of a big deal for for a stadium. So huge sports guy. Huge Family Guy. Huge sports guy loves the bears. Loves the Cubs. We know in Chicago guy Clark Griswold

Adam Vazquez 33:39
man, I’m actually surprised he didn’t come I thought he was gonna be your first holiday pick.

Derek Rogers 33:43
I honestly that was what I was. I was thinking I was trying to figure out Scott Calvin Clark GridWorld or Scrooge okay number one overall cuz I was I really wanted screws man. guy gets you think about how angry he was. We were talking post conversion screws. The guy was a banker. The guy gets it man.

Adam Vazquez 34:04
I agree. A huge Scrooge pod. I actually did. I don’t agree I think screws I think Scrooge tanks the whole thing I think he he brings down the he’s outdated. He’s got ya know, I think he just brings down the vibe but I use post conversion I get it Yeah, post version screech right right. Okay,

Derek Rogers 34:21
let’s give him money to everybody. I was on his A game.

Adam Vazquez 34:26
That’s right. So yeah, this

Carlton Riffel 34:28
I’ve had a few mine taken already. So I think I’m just gonna go with the obvious one. Right? We Kevin it is Kevin Oster Macaulay Culkin we’re just gonna go for some childlike innovation, creativity innovation and creativity. So you lose a lot of it as you get older. So we’re gonna have a child on our board.

Adam Vazquez 34:50
Interesting choice. I mean, I think there’s I like there. You’re taking shots at my board trying to get the sun maybe my Maybe Mrs. McAllister gets off her game but I think she said them to the attic and it’s no problem. So it’s a good good try there. But yeah, Kevin, that’s a good that’s a good immune if you need again, Carlton went heavy with the end game entertainment like Kevin, escaping from people or something at halftime? Yeah, I could see. I could see that. Yeah, that’s a good one. All right, my final pick. So a bunch of ways here. I’ll just say I think we should we should say a few of these after maybe, but I’ll say it’s between Well, the guy who isn’t who I’m not going to pick is Nick Cage from the family man. I thought about pinging him. But Vince Vaughn sort of filled that role. He was the backup there. Wall Street executive obviously knows how to make make some bucks. They’re willing to sacrifice his family for the cause. That’s that’s what we’re looking for on on Adam team, and not going to go with him though. I am going to go with Jimmy Stewart. It’s a Wonderful Life. I think we’re getting off the ground startup phase. We need we need the community to be in on our team, like Jimmy doing some community organization and then to help Cody on the real estate side in terms of loans, etc. That’s kind of his expertise. So Jimmy Stewart rounds out my my, what is this 577? board so yeah,

Carlton Riffel 36:17
no, it was gonna be my pig last round. I should. I should have gone with it. I just figured I had too much old time with Scrooge already.

Adam Vazquez 36:25
Yeah, you you you went. I feel like yours has the most extremes between the two. Like you had well let’s Okay, let’s let me recap them real quick. So we got and remember, vote or we’ll put a link in the episode was to where you can vote. Derek Derek’s board includes Derek Michael sailor Balaji Srinivasan, Dave Portnoy, Bobby Flay, Scott Calvin, John McLean, and Clark Griswold. So that’s that’s Derek’s. Any takeaways or recap, Derrick as to why folks should vote for you with with that board.

Derek Rogers 37:02
I think it’s obvious. I mean, it’s, it’s the winner. Let’s face it, boys.

Adam Vazquez 37:08
Yeah, I think it’s good. It’s I think there’s a little bit of duplication. But I think for the most part, it’s pretty balanced. Yeah, strong board. Carlton, we’ve gotten a vol Sam Parr, Stephen Dubner aka Stephen Duckworth. Shaquille O’Neal. Buddy, the elf Scrooge. Last Name redacted. Do we know Scrooge? His name? Scrooge. No,

Derek Rogers 37:34
Ebenezer Scrooge.

Adam Vazquez 37:35
Scrooge is his last name Ebenezer Scrooge. And and Kevin McAllister, I think we can say without a doubt, that is the weakest sport.

Carlton Riffel 37:50
You know, like I said, the underdog thing coming in coming in as the underdog. But I’m also gonna come in and stay the underdog as a board too. But here’s my thing. You can have all the business people you want. But once you get too many egos in the room that goes out the window. I do think what I want to do is just have a healthy balance of ego entertainment and exploration. So that we get the innovation, the creativity, and bring it all together in a nice, clean, fun package that’s wholesome for the whole family.

Adam Vazquez 38:23
Well done. I like that. And the in game experience would be off the chain, buddy.

Carlton Riffel 38:28
And then the plus is that nobody in my board is canceled. Like some of you guys, that’s true,

Adam Vazquez 38:32
but you tried to draft Dave. It just didn’t work out.

Derek Rogers 38:37
And he’s not canceled.

Adam Vazquez 38:39
He’s cancelled.

Derek Rogers 38:41
That’s super important. In today’s world. You just refuse to be canceled. Like no, I’m not canceled. reject that.

Carlton Riffel 38:48
I’m a little I’m a little surprised that Trump was on here because he was he was in he has no pod. But he doesn’t have

Derek Rogers 38:55
to see the movie character though.

Carlton Riffel 38:57
Oh, he could have been bored because yeah, I could

Derek Rogers 39:00
have gone movie character in home alone, too. Yeah, I’m alone drama New York.

Adam Vazquez 39:04
Alright, mine is my board. David Sachs all in Colin sorry. And all in podcast, JJ Reddick, Gary Vee. Cody Sanchez, Vince Vaughn, from for Christmases. Mrs. McAllister and Jimmy Stewart.

Carlton Riffel 39:22
It’s pretty good.

Adam Vazquez 39:22
I don’t have a strong board, but

Carlton Riffel 39:24
it’s pretty good. I think the Mrs. McAllister one was the problem with the just,

Adam Vazquez 39:29
it was asleep. Yeah, nobody was

Derek Rogers 39:33
one of the pigs that I was thinking about. She was on my list. Amanda woods from the holiday. Cameron Diaz character. Oh, yeah. Movie Maker Hollywood. I think she would have been I think she could have been kind of huge for the board. Just ran out of picks.

Adam Vazquez 39:48
It’s tough and you only have so many board seats to give out. So it’s a tough decision to make. But yeah, this is fun. Carlton, what wave practically Should we do it just Twitter poll or something? Twitter poll

Carlton Riffel 39:59
probably makes the most sense. And then just tag tag all these people okay, and I’m sure they’ll make the case for me. Hey, Nemo, I know you’re not doing anything else right now.

Adam Vazquez 40:08
Make your case why you will be great

Carlton Riffel 40:11
with given

Derek Rogers 40:13
the case then everybody will agree with it.

Carlton Riffel 40:16
That’s true. Yeah. Oh, that’s it.

Adam Vazquez 40:18
That’s good stuff. All right, well, we will hope hopefully you all enjoyed this. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. We will as we said, post a link that you can vote in the in the show notes below. And if you guys like this, maybe we’ll do something else around Christmas time just to just have fun with it. But otherwise, Happy Thanksgiving boys. Thanks for doing this

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