Episode 4

How to Build a Huge Audience of Your Peers Through Viral Content

with Tony Miller

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In this episode Adam (@AdamVazquez) and Carlton (@CarltonRiffel) are joined by Tony Miller (@TonyWMiller) who is the ‘Host of A Quick Timeout’. Tony shares how he has built a massively successful brand while holding down a full-time job, and the practical steps he used to build an engaged audience online. 


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Show notes:

* (8:44) How to win on Twitter (build an engaged audience)

* (14:17) Where Tony finds viral content ideas 

* (18:20) Going all in on one platform to grow before you diversify

* (32:10) How Tony would spend $150k on content marketing

* (41:07)  Have you Heard? Social Media Marketing Podcast & Overcast.FM 

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